What’s the drinking age in Dublin, Ireland?

I’ve looked around on the internet but I want a sure answer. Does anyone know?

I’m taking a trip to Europe next May and I’ll be 18 by then. I’m hoping that it really is 18.

Okay so those of you who have been there, do you have any suggestions of what pubs or clubs I should go to??

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  • If you go to this link and you scroll down a bit there is a chart


    The Legal Drinking Age in Dublin, Ireland is 18 years old

  • Ireland Drinking Age

  • Drinking Age In Ireland

  • Residing in a broad bay, Dublin lies between Howth in the north and the headland of Dalkey to the south and the River Liffey separate the city in two creating using this city an interesting city that you will have the chance with hotelbye to go to it. Dublin has given the world such distinguished literary like: Yeats, Beckett, Joyce, Shaw, and Wilde. Dublin was a UNESCO Town of Literature this year so is definitely an fascinating city to see especially if you want to visit Bewley’s Oriental Café ;.Many would claim that Bewley’s Oriental Café could be the treasure in the crown. Bewley’s Oriental Café is an institution which was built-in 1927.

  • 18

  • The legal drinking age is 18 – though some bars prefer over 21’s. Bring ID though if you look younger than 18 or they might not let you in! Enjoy and don’t get too drunk…!

  • The drinking age in all of Ireland and the uk is 18

  • the drinking age is usually about 13 or 14 hahahah because we start drinking at an early age here , but the legal drinking age is 18..just be careful because anyone will tell you that the beer is very strong here, most people don’t realise this ( especially foreigners) so just pace yourself and take it easy until you get the hang of the drinking culture…have a great trip, you will love it here

  • I’m not sure about Ireland. In some countries, it’s when you’re tall enough to reach the top of the bar.

  • The legal age to buy alcohol in Ireland is 18. You must be able to prove your age. A passport, National Identity Card, Garda Síochána Age Card (Age Card issued by Irish Police), drivers licence are all acceptable. Bouncers are very strict and very often ask people who obviously look over 18 so make sure you bring I.D.

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