How to quit McDonald’s without notice?

I’m 15 and have 3 shifts this weekend, and I want to quit before I do any of them. I don’t care about reference and I just want to leave it in anyway I can. Should I just drop in a letter before my shifts, or ring up and say that I can’t come into work anymore because I can’t focus on school as much etc..

I don’t really care as much about it leaving a bad mark for my next job, because I won’t be getting on anytime soon..

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  • When I worked in fast food and I had the same issue, I came in on the day I was supposed to work , and brought my clothes and left it there and left hahaha, but if you can id leave a notice. This will mmakr it hard to find another job.

  • Depends on your management. Some will let you quit without notice (dont expect a good reference though), and some won’t. I tried to quit Mcdonald’s without notice & my general manager didnt let me, I had to give a week notice. I think you should at least work your shifts, then after your last shift, go to your manager in the office, say you quit, hand in your uniform and it’s done. And don’t ever put Mcdonald’s on your resume and job applications.

  • I think anyone that serious would just not show up because you normally are supposed to give two weeks notice.

    Personally I’d give two weeks notice in the form of a note or something to my boss because that’s the adult thing to do but I can’t stop you from doing otherwise. I left a job at a supermarket I didn’t like but I did so on good terms and they even paid out all my vacation days I didn’t use. They might have had to, but I didn’t have to hassle anyone for them because of it or do the awkward thing of coming back in after not showing up.

  • Leave a note for the boss

  • Call and talk to your manager. If you are going to walk away from your job at least have the maturity and common decency to discuss why you are leaving with them.

  • tell the manager and explain the situation he”ll understand

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