POBAL began its campaign ‘Tá don Ghaeilge/Say ‘Tá’ to the Irish language’ in December 2007 to give the Irish language a shot in the arm.  It’s an exciting new project, which everyone can get involved in.

The project is designed to give the chance to a wide range of organisations and individuals to show their support and affection for the Irish language through a wide range of activities and events.

Janet Muller, CEO with POBAL, said ‘We have contacted a wide range of Irish language organisations to ask them to come on board with different events, either to organise something of their own under the ‘Tá don Ghaeilge’ banner, or else to help us with joint events and projects. The response even so early on has been very positive and we are looking forward to working with schools, community organisations, local councils, teachers, people from ethnic minorities and others. This is a flexible project that anyone can join in with to give a positive and lively message about the place of the Irish language in our society. We are producing posters, stickers, badges and T-shirts all of which will be free of charge while stocks last!’

Julius Anakaa of the Afro-Community Support Organisation said, ‘It is good that POBAL have taken this initiative to bring people together, recognising the Irish language as well as other communities that live here. This can only increase and add to the richness of the culture here and make it a better place.’

Pritam Sridhar said, ‘ ArtsEkta are delighted to be working with POBAL and other Irish language and art organizations on the “Ta” Project. We are committed to the promoting, sharing and teaching of art forms from around the world throughout Northern Ireland.

Arts Etta recognises the fact that Irish art, Language, music and culture plays a major and important role in the lives of so many individuals and groups in the province.   Furthermore, there are many areas of synergie which exist among Irish Art forms/culture and arts from other nations such as Africa, India, Latin America. We have worked to bring artists together form these nations to work together, thus encouraging relationship building, greater understanding and ultimately greater mutual respect. As Northern Ireland becomes increasingly cosmopolitan, the importance of greater respect for all cultures is paramount for a stable and peaceful society.

Big name support for ‘Tá don Ghaeilge: Say Yes to the Irish language!’

POBAL’s TÁ campaign has drawn support from some big names, among them are Jeremy Irons (Actor), Ken Loach (Film maker), Edna O’Brien (Writer), Roy Keane and Niall Quinn (Footballers).

POBAL is a company limited by guarantee.
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