Influence of POBAL’s proposals for Irish Language Act clear – we need a strong Act

POBAL, the independent Irish language advocacy group has said that the influence of POBAL’s proposals for the Irish language Act are clear to see in the latest document issued by Conradh na Gaeilge this morning. Janet Muller, POBAL’s Director said, ‘It is right and proper to recognise the work done by POBAL over many years on this issue, because the proposals we have published have been agreed with the Irish speaking community and were drafted with advice from some of the foremost experts in language law. That is why we have put the emphasis always on creating guaranteed rights in the legislation. At the moment, there is a crucial opportunity to end the ten years of sectarian delay tactics which have been employed to block the act. The Irish speaking community should grab the chance to give a very clear message to the politicians that a weak, ineffective Irish language Act will not be enough and that cost is not an excuse. As POBAL has said again and again over the years, we are not second class citizens. For almost 100 years in the north, the expenditure on the Irish language has amounted to little more than a drop in the bucket. It is time to change that and to demand our full rights.’

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